Lincoln Days Art Show Winners

One of the original events of Lincoln Days is the annual Art Show. In the beginning, the show was created as a contest for Lincoln-related art only with the best of the juried show being purchased by Lincoln Days. That Purchase Award has carried through the years. The Collection now has more than 45 pieces of original artwork on display. Over the years the show has grown to include an Open Division for a variety of mediums, a LaRue County Division open only to LaRue County residents, and and a photography division open to all.

The pieces currently in the collection contain oils, watercolors, pen and ink, collage, wood sculpture and photography. The artists are from Kentucky and surrounding states and include four native-LaRue-Countians. All the works are original pieces.

The entire collection is on permanent exhibit at The Lincoln Museum in downtown Hodgenville.

1973 “Summer”, Watercolor
Don Hewitt

1974 “Lincoln’s Birthplace”, Oil
Elizabeth Davis

1974 “The Cabin at Sinking Spring”, Watercolor
Polly Trombore

1975 “Home from School”, Oil
Mildred Colvin

1975 “Untitled”, Watercolor
Betty Mitchell

1976 “An Early Inspiration”, Oil
Sandra Schaap

1976 “I Took Care of a New Salem Store”, Watercolor
Lynn Jones

1977 “The Lincoln Story”, Oil
Maria Simmons

1978 “Boyhood Musings”, Watercolor
Irma Pfannmoeller

1978 “Lincoln’s Favorite Book”, Pen and Ink
Elizabeth Atwell

1978 “Untitled”, Oil
Robert Grubbs

1979 “Inflation”, Pen and Ink
Maria Simmons

1980 “Lincoln”, Pastel
Irma Pfannmoeller

1980 “The President with Son, Tad”, Oil
Maria Simmons

1981 “Lincoln Accented”, Pen and Ink
Sonny Rogers

1982 “Lincoln”, Pen and Pencil
Kent Young

1983 “Lincoln Composition”, Collage
Mark Marturello

1984 “Untitled”, Collage
Joyce Knight

1985 “Farrow’s End”, Collage
Gary Williams

1986 “Young Abe’s Study”, Wood Sculpture
Robert Brandt

1987 “Daughters of the Civil War”, collage
Regina Williams

1988 No Purchase Award

1989 “Lincoln Collage” , collage
Carita Brent

1990 “Lincoln’s Last Days”, collage
Joyce Knight

1991 “Approaching Storm”, watercolor
Drew Johnson

1992 “Abraham & Mary in the White House”, watercolor
Drew Johnson

1993 No Purchase Award—-No Competitive Show—Collection Exhibit Only

1994 “Mr. Lincoln”, mixed media
Ken Baldwin

1995 “Lincoln In Wood”, three dimensional on plywood
Drew Johnson

1996 “If I Could Save The Union”, watercolor
Mary Lou Hall

1997 “Lincoln Remembered”, pencil
Tami Himes

1998 “Blood of Our Brothers”, pastel
Tom Poole

1999 “Gettysburg Address”, pen & ink
Drew Johnson

2000 “Lincoln Sketch”, color pencil
Tami Himes

2001 “Lawyer Lincoln”, etched black granite
Drew Johnson

2002 “President Lincoln”, old English scratchboard
Dorothy Meadors

2003 “Stars & Stripes”, pencil scratch
Bethany Rock Smith

2004 “Mr. Lincoln”, watercolor
Elsie Hall

2005 “The Younger Lincoln”, oil on canvas
Patricia Phillips

2006 “Hodgenville on Nolin Creek”, oil on canvas
Sherrill Williams

2007 “Young Lincoln Railsplitter”, woodcarving
Kenneth Exler

2008 “Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial” , acrylic
Carla Phillips

2009 “Gettysburg Prose”, oil
Wes Kendall

2010 “Young Lawyer Lincoln”, pencil
Carol Thompson

2011 “Mr. President”, graphite
Drew Johnson

2012  “Abe”, oil
William Frye

2013 “Lincoln”, graphite
Joe Myers

2014 “Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War Governors of Kentucky”, mixed media
Carla Phillips

2015 “Farewell Illinois”, oil
William Frye

2016 “Freedom Comes”, oil
Wes Kendall

2017 “Casualties”, oil
Wes Kendall

2018 “Tribute”, paper
Adrian & Hannah Sanchez

2019 “Abraham Lincoln”, oil
Brandon Whelan

2020 No Purchase Award – No Competitive Show due to COVID-19

2021 “Lincoln, Esq.”, watercolor
Terri Friel

2022 “Abraham Lincoln”, graphite/charcoal
Samuel Trask

2023 “Abe”, oil
Brandon Whelan

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